Harness the power of highly spherical gold nanoparticles in your diagnostic

Over 150 million rapid diagnostic tests use Nano Flow Gold.

Why partner with Nano Flow ?

Why partner with Nano Flow ?

Our products


Highly spherical
gold nanoparticles

Gold Nanoparticles for reduced aggregation and maximized contact surface, leading to increased sensitivities


gold conjugates

Take advantage of our high-scale and automated equipment for the development and production of your gold conjugates with unique sensitivity and excellent reproducibility


gold conjugates

Select your off-the-shelf gold conjugate in our large product portfolio to quickly develop your diagnostic assay


About us

Nano FlowTM is the new activity branch of the well-known Belgian company Unisensor, a pioneer in diagnostic engineering for over 25 years. Producing more than 15Mo of rapid tests per year, Unisensor has developed a unique and reliable manufacturing process for its highly spherical gold nanoparticles and antibody gold conjugates allowing to reach unique performances.

Through Nano Flow, Unisensor decided to offer its gold colloids and gold conjugates to industries who think likewise that highly performing tests can only be developed with high-quality and reliable raw materials.