Pioneer in diagnostic engineering
for over 25 years

Nano Flow, located in Liege (Belgium) is both a young and experienced company, young by its name, while experienced with its history.

Nano Flow is the new activity branch of the well-known Belgian company Unisensor, a pioneer in diagnostic engineering for over 25 years. Producing more than 15Mo of rapid tests per year, Unisensor has developed a unique and reliable manufacturing process for its gold colloids and antibody gold conjugates allowing to reach unique performances thanks to automation and in-line control of critical parameters.

With its new brand Nano FlowTM, Unisensor decided to offer its gold nanoparticles and gold conjugates to industries who think likewise that highly performing tests can only be developed with high-quality and reliable raw materials.

Until now, Nano Flow Gold has already been used in the manufacturing of lateral flow immunoassays of companies active in Medical, Veterinary, Environmental and Food diagnostics. The annual production of gold reached more than 700 liters (OD8). Recent investments have been made to double our production capacity to reach 1,400 liters per year. This new capacity makes Nano Flow the biggest gold nanoparticles supplier in Europe.

Tired of using gold nanoparticles containing non-spherical, uncontrolled, and aggregated particles and giving very large size distribution, lateral flow test manufacturers will find in Nano Flow their ideal partner to ensure a sustainable supply of high-quality gold nanoparticles and conjugates.

Our Mission

Improve rapid diagnostic tests performances to make them more reliable and allow diagnostics for all diseases and all people.

Our Vision

Consistently supply diagnostic industries with assurance of best quality gold nanoparticles and gold conjugate performances.

Our Values