Using our highly spherical 40nm gold particles, all our off-the-shelf gold conjugates are produced with an OD of 20. While the minimum order volume is 1ml, single batch volumes as high as 13L OD20 or equivalent can be produced. All antibodies entering in our off-the-shelf conjugates are Affinity purified to minimize interference and cross-reactivity issues.

Do you want to quickly develop your lateral flow test and reach the market earlier?

Then select your off-the-shelf gold conjugates from the list below. All our off-the-shelf gold conjugates are manufactured with an optical density of 20 for ease of use and integration into your platform. Any problems finding the conjugate you are looking for ?

Reasons to choose Nano Flow off-the-shelf gold conjugates

Lot-to-Lot reproducibility

With our state-of-the-art equipment including automated production units with in-line controls of process critical parameters and automated purification units, we offer the best controls on our conjugation process. This reduces the risk of human mistakes and allows to identify any possible drift of the process earlier in the manufacturing of our products. All our production batches are released based on strict quality control criteria.

High sensitivity

With our very smooth conjugation process, the gold nanoparticles instantaneously get into contact with the antibody to be conjugated. Each gold nanoparticle is stabilized with the same quantity of antibody. Consequently, our highly spherical gold colloids do not bind to antibodies bound to other particles reducing aggregation. By limiting aggregation, Nano Flow off-the-shelf gold conjugates offer more active antibodies or proteins for improved sensitivities.

Improved stability

The high sphericity of the gold particles and our unique conjugation process prevent gold particles and conjugates from aggregation. Therefore, Nano Flow gold conjugates offer several years stability when stored in proper conditions.

Gold conjugate Portfolio

All our off-the-shelf gold conjugates are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis to guarantee products meet specifications. This certificate includes Transmission Electron Microscopy, Dynamic Light Scattering and UV-vis spectroscopy information