Streptavidin Gold (40nm)

Explore the precision and versatility of our recombinant Streptavidin gold conjugate. This exceptional recombinant protein containing 4 Streptavidin binding regions, exhibits remarkable affinity (KD 10E-14M) and sensitivity in binding biotin and biotin conjugated protein and antibodies. Non-covalent binding of biotin to streptavidin is one of the strongest known interactions in nature.

Beyond these core functions, Nano Flow’s Streptavidin Gold conjugate extends its prowess to an array of applications, including lateral flow assays, immunoblotting, and advanced microscopy techniques. Elevate your research with a tool renowned for its sensitivity and compatibility across diverse experimental landscapes.

Protein format recombinant expressed in E. Coli
Specificity  Biotin
Gold nanoparticle size 40nm
Concentration of the gold conjugate  OD20
Buffer borate, BSA 0.25%, NaN3 0.095% pH 7.3
Shelf life 1 year
Available volumes From 1ml to 1L+